The Coffee

Where is your coffee roasted? Our experienced roasters operate from our Roast House in Perth, Western Australia. We have over 40 years of roasting experience and are committed to producing a consistent, quality, precision roasted bean. We have applied our experience to develop a roast, specific to the requirements of a capsule.
Where do you source your coffee beans from? From over 15 different origins around the world



Are Australis Coffee Capsules certified? Yes, the coffee capsule and the lid are certified ‘Compostable’ to international standards by the European Regulation EN 13432:2002. Under the correct conditions our capsules will breakdown in 90 days. The material formula uses over 95% bio origined ingredients, which are inert, biodegradable and compostable.



How long will the capsules stay fresh for? Due to the lid of the capsule having world leading technology with an oxygen barrier, the coffee capsules can remain fresh for over a year once packed. This allows us to minimise additional outer packaging (foil or plastic) you might see in other compostable capsule brands. And the good news is, the lid is also 100% compostable so need to remove before disposal.


Capsule Disposal

Can I throw my capsules into my home compost? Unfortunately no. Our capsules are certified ‘Compostable’ meaning they are required to go through an industrial composting process under controlled conditions. This process will allow the capsules to breakdown in 90 days! We have some tips below for disposal options.
How can I dispose of my capsules thoughtfully? You have a few options, you can mail back to Australis Coffee HQ or we can pick up your used capsules from your home when we deliver your next order (Perth, WA only) in our Hero compostable bag and we will have them sent to an industrial composting facility – this is a free service! Alternatively, check the local council (home or business) FOGO bin bio-plastic requirements. If they take EN 13432 you can dispose of them there.


Nespresso ® Machine compatibility

Does the capsule fit in all Nespresso machines? Our capsules are compatible with Nespresso ® original capsule machines. We recommend the machines: Essenza, Inissia, Citiz.
Does Australis Coffee have its own machine I can buy? In the very near future Australis will have a machine of their own to sell to customers.


Tips for the perfect pour

I like a strong coffee, how should I extract the coffee from the machine? We know you like your coffee strong! We have developed our coffee blends to suit this preference without compromising our quality roasting reputation. We would recommend you calibrate your capsule machine based on the style of coffee you would normally drink i.e. short, long, milky etc (steps below).
When the coffee pours, I get some initial water before the coffee extraction. Is this normal? This is normal for our capsules due to the environmentally friendly capsule design. There is not any excess water than normal, it just happens to pour first.


Machine Operation.

How do I operate the machine?

Step 1: Rinse coffee capsule machine (press short pour button without a capsule in the chamber)

Step 2: Insert coffee capsule into the chamber

Step 3:

Short Pour:

Hold down the ‘short’ pour button, and release when the coffee has extracted to your liking. This may be approximately 25ml for an espresso style or perhaps 30ml + for a milk-based coffee. You have now calibrated the machine to your requirements. When you use your next capsule, you can just press the ‘short’ pour button once, quickly.

Long Pour:

If you prefer a Long Black/Lungo/Americano style of coffee hold the ‘long’ pour button, and release when the coffee has extracted to your liking. This may be 45ml +. You may like to add some additional hot water (using the short pour) if necessary. You have now calibrated the machine to your requirements. When you use your next capsule, you can just press the ‘long’ pour button once, quickly.


Shipping and Returns

Do you offer refunds on your products? Yes! We offer refunds on any faulty capsules or non-compatible coffee machines (within 30 days of the purchase date as mentioned below).

How long do customers have to return products?

You can return any products that meet the above requirements to us within 30 days of the purchase.

Do customers need to pay for return shipping or will your business provide cover?

Any product returns will need to be paid for by you. However, once a product has been returned to us we will offer a discount on your next order to cover it in the form of a discount code.

How long should refunds take to process?

Refunds on returned products should be processed within 30 days from us receiving the products.

Are there any restrictions on the destination location of product shipping?

No! We are able to ship to anyone who wants our coffee, no matter where you may be.

How are shipping and delivery rates estimated?

Shipping and delivery rates are estimated as per our website. For more information, see the below question.

What shipping provider/s does your business use?

We use Shippit, Sendle & Australia Post as our main shipping providers for sending products to you.